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Dead Beats: One


"There is no ‘Dead Beats’, just a bunch of guys trying to get published."

In 2011, the three students that formed the coterie ‘Dead Beats’ were apathetic towards and disenchanted by the strict canon of their Literature course. However, they were inspired by the writers of the Beat generation and decided to share Beat work and their own pieces with each other. From there the idea came to open this rewarding sense of collaboration to a wider audience. After all, as Charles Bukowski reminds us, “Poetry is what happens when nothing else can."

Since then, they have assembled on a weekly basis to discuss each individual submission that they have received. Decisions are predicated on mutual agreement within the group. If ever there are disagreements over submissions (of which there have been a few), this variance is when they most look forward to the reader response.

This collection is an attempt to collate works from just a smattering of their most inspired contributors, and leans towards the writers who first joined them on their venture. The work featured comes from poets the world-over and converges to demonstrate that literature, especially inspiring literature, knows no bounds.

Proceeds will go to supporting current and future Dead Beats ventures. Thank you for your continued support.

On receipt of purchase, Dead Beats will email you the Dead Beats: One anthology.