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The act of composing poetry is the pitching of a stone into the well of human feeling where the ripple resounds into the deep, eases into anticipation and lingers.

The wait by the water is poetry; a power in potentia that is powerless to be born without the act. Death is an oath inscribed onto the flesh; the soubriquets of Adam and the inventing mind he fathered in us, together, are the objective correlatives of a poetry extended through time and past the dimensions of the flesh.

You cannot force the mortal coil upon the poem. And so we whistle while we pitch stones, cup ears to echoes, and listen to the line in the long song.

This collection features a selection of poems from our second year as an organisation and explores a wide range of subjects. The work featured originates from poets the world-over and defines an inspired and inspiring literature that knows no bounds.

All proceeds from the sale of this e-book will go back into Dead Beats’ literary ventures and will help us to achieve our aim of getting the work of the best unpublished writers today the coverage that it deserves.

We would like to thank our followers and contributors over the past twelve months for making this collection possible.

On receipt of purchase, Dead Beats will email you the Dead Beats: Cantos anthology.

Dead Beats.